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Changes For IM Sports
As we start the winter quarter there are a few changes that we want everyone to be aware of. First, we are working on trying to limit the amount of forfeits. Please make sure when you register you already have a full roster of players that plan on playing. We will start penalizing teams if forfeits continue to occur. For instance, if a fraternity or other organization has multiple teams registered and any of those teams forfeit out of a league it may affect their other team’s chances for postseason play. We will also not allow teams to register for future quarters that continually forfeit games throughout the year. As a captain, administrator, or participant on a team, if you know in advance that you cannot play on a certain date please let us know. We will do our best to reschedule and it also allows us to inform your opponents so they do not show up without an opponent to play. Secondly, and most importantly, we need to change the culture and behavior of some of our participants during IM games. I know this may not affect all of you but too many participants have behaved poorly recently for this to be handled as isolated incidents. Before we discuss what will be done I want to be honest and upfront about what we are as a department. It’s understood that many of these situations may arise due to the officiating here at Northwestern. That being said, the level of officiating will probably not change much moving forward. When we hire students to officiate, many of them help out because they enjoy being around sports, enjoy the atmosphere IM Sports provides, and honestly it puts a little money in their pockets. As professional staff our goal is to provide our student staff with opportunities to become better leaders, work among their peers, teach them responsibility, encourage student development and provide a positive experience during their time here at Northwestern. If they become better officials during their time here, that would be fine as well. This certainly does not mean we will stop training our students to officiate the sports we offer and try to do the best job possible. We will continue to do so and hope that many of you that continue to participate appreciate their efforts as we appreciate all of your involvement in our program. The change that needs to be made is the behavior towards our officials and towards the teams you are playing against. The one area of improvement we will work on as officials is to be as professional and respectful towards all of you during your IM games. It will be our main priority moving forward. We expect the same back from all of you. Like I mentioned above, we will not get every call right. In fact, we will probably miss a decent amount. What everyone needs to understand is missed calls are going to happen. You need to decide if you are playing a specific sport because you enjoy playing that sport, competing against similar skilled teams, and enjoying your time recreating with other members of the university or if you are playing to “win-at-all-cost” because this behavior we have witnessed over the past few years has been very disappointing. Yelling at officials, threatening officials, getting in fights against opponents, yelling racial and homophobic slurs are a few of the incidents we have witnessed. THIS WILL STOP!!! Our officials will be instructed to stop play if any of this behavior continues. If we need to scale back on how we schedule games or how we structure our leagues (soccer, 2018 will be an example) we will do so to make sure games are being played fairly and with great sportsmanship. Again, we want to change the culture within or department where everyone is respectful of one another. That doesn’t mean you can’t compete and try to win your games, but we feel it can be done while still being respectful of everyone involved. We want all students, faculty and staff to enjoy their experience while participating in our programs. As stated before, we realize this does not reflect the actions of many of you reading this but we do want to make sure we make everyone aware of our concerns and continue to run programs that you all can enjoy.
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About IM Sports

The Intramural Sports Program at Northwestern University strives to offer its students, faculty, and staff opportunities to recreate in a fun and enjoyable way. The program provides a chance for participation in sports in an organized, competitive environment while structuring the competition along various levels of skill. It should be understood that intramural sports are intended to provide a way for students, faculty and staff of Northwestern University to enjoy sports in an unpressured and fun environment.