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Soccer Changes for Spring Quarter

As some of you may or may not know the Varsity Field Hockey Field will be under construction during the spring quarter, which was the location that we played our Intramural soccer games.  We will have some access to the Varsity Soccer Field, but will be sharing space with Athletics and the Sports Club program.  That being said, we will need to reduce the number of teams that we can register during the spring quarter.  Below are some changes that will happen for the spring (soccer only).

Soccer games will be played on Sunday and Thursday nights between 5pm-11:30pm.

We can register 40 teams.  All teams will be corec teams.  The ratio of men/women will be 7/4.

All games will be 35 minutes in length.  The only stoppage in play will be to switch directions at the halfway mark.

We will run one field, which will be the entire varsity soccer field.

Registration Process:

A registration form will be available in Patten Gym, Room 101 during registration.  Please fill out this form and bring it to Patten Gym, Room 101 on Tuesday, April 7th between 9am-4pm.  You will not need to wait in line to register.  Every team that registers will be placed in a lottery (so no need to arrive early).  We will determine who is selected based on number of entries and teams availability to play on assigned days. We will notify teams by Thursday, April 9th

This is just for IM Soccer.  The registration process for Ultimate and Softball will be the same as in the past.


The Intramural Sports Program at Northwestern University strives to offer its students, faculty, and staff opportunities to recreate in a fun and enjoyable way. The program provides a chance for participation in sports in an organized, competitive environment while structuring the competition along various levels of skill. It should be understood that intramural sports are intended to provide a way for students, faculty and staff of Northwestern University to enjoy sports in an unpressured and fun environment.



Apr 7 (9:00 am):
Registration begins for Spring sports

Apr 8 (4:00 pm):
Registration Deadline

Apr 12:
The Spring season begins

Apr 23:
Roster Deadline

May 29:
Roster Freeze