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Fall 2019
Registration for the fall will be Tuesday, October 1st from 9am-4pm. Our Fall sports are Flag Football, Volleyball, and Dodgeball. Registration for all Intramural Leagues will take place in the lower level (IM office next to the basketball courts) of the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion. Everyone who participates in the Intramural Sports program will now need to fill out a waiver before they can be added to a teams roster. All participants must be listed on a roster in order to play. At the top of the Intramural website you can login using your Netid and password. Once logged in, a "Profile" link will appear next to the "Registration" link near the top of the page. Click on your profile link and there will be another link for you to fill out an online waiver. Please view the Registration/Sports Calendar page to view when leagues are offered and view our policies for each of our Fall sports. Also, make sure when you register you already have a full roster of players that plan on playing. We will start penalizing teams if forfeits continue to occur. As a captain or administrator of a team, if you know in advance that you cannot play on a certain date please let us know. We will do our best to reschedule and it also allows us to inform your opponents so they do not show up without an opponent to play.
Tue Oct 1, at 9 am:
Registration Begin
Tue Oct 1, at 4 pm:
Registration End
Sun Oct 6, at 11 am:
First Game
Fri Oct 18, at 11 pm:
Drop Deadline
Fri Nov 15, at 10 pm:
Complete Roster Freeze

About IM Sports

The Intramural Sports Program at Northwestern University strives to offer its students, faculty, and staff opportunities to recreate in a fun and enjoyable way. The program provides a chance for participation in sports in an organized, competitive environment while structuring the competition along various levels of skill. It should be understood that intramural sports are intended to provide a way for students, faculty and staff of Northwestern University to enjoy sports in an unpressured and fun environment.