Spring Registration 2017


Spring registration will begin next Tuesday, April 4th at 9am in patten gym room 101. There are a few different policies for each spring sport. For softball and ultimate players can play on a men's and corec roster. However, men's club players for that specific sport can only play in the men's league.  Women club players can play in either league but can only be on one roster. 

For soccer, players can only play for one team total. Men's club soccer players can only play in the purple league. Women club soccer players can play in any league. 

The sports calendar link will be updated on Sunday with exact times and days for each sport. 


Sep 27 (9:00 am):
Registration begins for Fall sports

Sep 28 (4:00 pm):
Registration Deadline

Oct 2:
The Fall season begins

Oct 8:
Roster Deadline

Nov 10:
Roster Freeze