Spring Registration 2017


Spring registration will begin next Tuesday, April 4th at 9am in patten gym room 101. There are a few different policies for each spring sport. For softball and ultimate players can play on a men's and corec roster. However, men's club players for that specific sport can only play in the men's league.  Women club players can play in either league but can only be on one roster. 

For soccer, players can only play for one team total. Men's club soccer players can only play in the purple league. Women club soccer players can play in any league. 

The sports calendar link will be updated on Sunday with exact times and days for each sport. 

Floor Hockey Registration!

We will run our floor hockey registration this Friday, February 3rd at 9am in the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion (Conference Room 1240).  The conference room is located just west of the weight room.  Registration will take place from 9am-11am.  We need to finish registration early so we can get schedules set by the end of the day Friday.  Games will begin on Tuesday, February 7th.  Games will be played in Patten Gym.

A few notes for this season:

-Teams will play 3 regular season games.  There will be no “bye” weeks.

-Players can only play on one team (total).  You can no longer play on a white league and corec team.

-Club players cannot play in the corec league.  They must play in the white league (2 club players per roster).  A club player is defined as anyone that is on the current 2016-2017 roster and anyone that was listed on the 2015-2016 club roster through our sports club department. 

You can view this link for times/days of leagues for floor hockey.  https://nuim.northwestern.edu/sportscalendarwinter.php


Winter Registration, 2017

As most of you probably know by now, Patten and Blomquist gyms have been under construction the past six weeks as they resurface the gyms for athletics.  Blomquist Gym is now open.  Patten Gym, however, does not have a finish date yet.  Athletics is hoping to have the project finished by late January.

What this means for Intramural Floor Hockey:  At this time we are postponing floor hockey registration.  We will still have IM basketball registration Tuesday, January 10th.  When more information becomes available to us from athletics and we know when we can occupy Patten Gym we will set up a registration date.  That date will determine how long our league will run and how many teams we can take.

What this means for Intramural Basketball:  We will run IM basketball registration Tuesday, January 10th at 9am in Patten Gym, Room 101.  We usually register between 115-130 teams for basketball.  This year we can only handle 80 teams.  Because of this we had to make a few policy changes.  Some of the changes are listed below:      

Participants can only play on one team: a white league team, a purple league team, or a corec team.  Players can no longer play on a men’s team AND a corec team.

·         All men’s club basketball players (from the 2015-2016 and current 2016-2017 club roster) and ex-varsity basketball players must play in the purple league.  You can no longer have one club player or ex-varsity player on a white league roster.  The number of club and/or ex-varsity players per team for a purple league basketball roster is three (3).


Volleyball Champions!

Congratulations to VIAA on winning the Corec Volleyball Championship and to Phi Psi on winning the White League Championship.  Pictures have been posted.  http://nurecreation.com/galleries/?gallery=165

Fall Registration

Registration for Fall Intramurals begins Tuesday, September 27th at 9am in Patten Gym, Room 101.  Our fall sports are:  Flag Football, Volleyball, and Dodgeball. 

Spring Finals!

Congrats to all of our spring IM Champions!

Spring Registration, 2016

Spring registration will begin Tuesday, April 5th at 9am in Patten Gym, Room 101.  Our spring sports are soccer, softball, and ultimate.

Winter Playoffs!

The basketball and floor hockey playoffs begin the week of February 22nd. 

Winter Registration, 2016!

Registration for the winter quarter will begin Tuesday, January 12th at 9am in Patten Gym, Room 101.  Our winter sports are basketball and floor hockey.

2015 Fall Playoffs

2015 Fall Playoffs


Sep 27 (9:00 am):
Registration begins for Fall sports

Sep 28 (4:00 pm):
Registration Deadline

Oct 2:
The Fall season begins

Oct 8:
Roster Deadline

Nov 10:
Roster Freeze